Indian Food

Indian Food has variety of flavours, colours and tastes with appetizing aromas, it not only fills your stomach but satisfies your heart too.

From the Rajma-Chawal of Kashmir to Sambhar-Sadam of South and Rosogulla of West Bengal to Dal Bati Churma of Rajasthan. It has it all…..spicy, sweet, tangy, hot and inviting delicacies of India.

Among these rice forms main dish in most of the regions accompanied by tangy,  spicy gravy made of Mixed Vegetables or Mutton, Chicken or Fish and dry curry or Subzi followed by roasted or fried Papad, Fish, Chicken or Mutton.

Roti, Paratha, Puri are other main components of Indian bread eaten along with or in place of rice.

Food is prepared showing  same devotion as shown for a pooja and in most households it is offered to  god and ‘Pitrugan’ (Forefathers) by means of offering ‘Naivedya’ to birds like crows and other animals before offering to the members of the family.

The main dishes of south india are:

1.  Sambhar made of tamaring juice, lentils and spices along with mix of veggies. It goes well with Rice, Idly and Dosas.



2. Upma made from vermicelly or sooji/ rava or poha or aval. Upama tastes best with coconut chutney or it can be had just like that.  Normally eaten as a breakfast.

3. Dosa and Idly made of fermented batter of Bengal Gram Dal and Rice in correct proportion. It is one of the healthiest food one can have as breakfast or for dinner. Different types of Chutneys and Sambhars along with hot gunpowder mixed with Gingelly Oil and a Filter Coffee to top it all…..are the best accompaniment for Dosa and Idly.





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