Navaratri is a celebrated post monsoon in autumn season all throughout India. It is considered auspicious period where ‘Good triumphs over Bad or evil.’  There are many versions of the story of how Goddess Durga emerged and killed Demon Mahishasur in Hindu mythology. Thus, goddess is also known as Mahishasur-Mardini or Killer of Demon Mahish.

There are nine forms of Goddess Durga worshipped during Navaratri and there are many associated stories about these nine incarnations. It is a strong belief as per great saints and philosophers of ancient India that whenever evil grows in this world and tries to good and a normal human being is unable to fight such evil then, mother Goddess, Aadimata or Aadishakti comes to rescue and save mankind from such evil.


In these posts we would like to introduce some of the mythological concepts. Most of them are inspired from the learnings of Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu. ‘Mahishasur-Mardini’ is called ‘Chandika’. ‘Chand’ means ‘lack of something or deficiency’ and ‘Chandi’ means ‘One who takes away deficiency’. i.e. goddesses who do that are Lakshmi-Parvati and Saraswati. ‘Chandak’ is the one who is responsible for creating the deficiency  of good or the evil and ‘Chandika’ is one who removes all the deficiencies and not only that,  mother goddess also destroys the machinery of creating evil, whether it is in outside world or inside human minds.

There are nine incarnations of Mahishasur-Mardini. These are:

  1. Mahakali
  2. Mahalakshmi
  3. Mahasaraswati
  4. Rakta-Dantika
  5. Shatakshi
  6. Ramvardayini
  7. Nandini
  8. Dattamangal-Chandika
  9. Mantramalini 


We will post more on Navratri in coming days. Till then Happy Navratri!!!


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